We are dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities

We deeply value the importance of education in transforming lives. We are dedicated to enhancing educational opportunities in the communities around our operations, believing that a strong educational foundation is the key to a brighter future. To bridge the gap between vocational school graduates and industry needs, we invest significantly in various educational and training programs.

Through our newly spun-off entity, BIRU Nuswantara, we partner with various local schools to offer a wealth of educational resources. Our initiatives focus on improving digital literacy and equipping students with industry-relevant skills. We not only empower individuals to reach their full potential but also contribute to the long-term development and growth of the community. Our commitment to education reflects our belief in creating a future where everyone has equal opportunities to thrive.

BISA Ruang Vokasi (BRV)

An industrial competency-based learning program managed by BIRU Nuswantara (BIRU) to bridge the gap between vocational school graduates and industry needs. It provides online and offline learning modules designed to enhance digital literacy and offer industry-relevant skills. BIRU collaborates with vocational schools to offer job training and entrepreneurship programs.

Impact: Benefited 2,749 students from 23 vocational schools across Indonesia. Delta Dunia Group is aiming to train 44,000 students, 2,500 scholarship students, and 2,000 teachers by 2027.​

CEMARA Program

An initiative providing free computer courses to underprivileged communities in East Barito and Tabalong regencies. We offer training programs in technology, internet usage, and entrepreneurship skills, including educational improvements and development of MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises).

Impact: Over 3,000 individuals in 12 months​ are now computer literate.

Scholarship Program

Primarily focused in East Kalimantan and South Kalimantan, the Scholarship Program provides financial support to local students pursuing higher education. By alleviating financial barriers, the program fosters academic achievement and opens new opportunities for young individuals in the community.

Impact: Helping 29 students in various fields, including medicine and engineering to finish their studies.

Basic Operator Program

This ongoing initiative focuses on competency training for heavy equipment operators, providing young individuals with the skills needed to pursue careers in the mining industry.

Impact: Since its inception, the Basic Operator Program has successfully trained 30 youths, equipping them with the expertise necessary to secure employment and contribute to their communities' economic development.

Digital Literacy Access

Launched in 2023, the program focuses on providing digital literacy access points and organizing literacy festivals to equip local communities with essential digital skills.

Impact: Provided 1,800 digital literacy access points in Maluang Village and 1,000 points in Berau. enabling residents to access digital books and references from home, eliminating the need to visit a physical library. Literacy Festival in Berau was attended by 3,440 students from 90 schools​​.