Enhancing livelihood of our communities.

At Delta Dunia Group, we believe in the power of community. Our dedication to enhancing the livelihoods of those around our operations is not just a strategy but a heartfelt commitment. By fostering economic independence and improving quality of life, we aim to build stronger, more resilient communities that can thrive alongside us.

Central to our ESG initiatives is the focus on livelihood enhancement. Our programs are designed to deliver immediate economic benefits while promoting long-term self-sufficiency. From empowering local MSMEs (Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises) to investing in sustainable agricultural practices, we strive to create a stable and prosperous environment. This approach not only supports the growth of our operations but also ensures that our success is shared with the communities we serve.

Wifepreneur Program

Launched in 2021, the program focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills among the wives of company employees and other women in the community. It offers comprehensive training in managing MSME finances, product development, stock management, marketing, and promotion. Wifepreneur Program provided these women with the tools and knowledge to start and grow their own businesses, thereby enhancing their economic independence and contributing to the overall economic development of their communities. This initiative is implemented in various locations, primarily targeting communities surrounding the company's operations.

Impact: By 2023, 74 participants have benefitted from the training.

Sustainable Agriculture Program

The program underscores the company's dedication to promoting environmentally friendly farming practices and supporting local farmers. Recognizing that the agriculture sector, which dominates most of the company's operational areas after mining, is often under-optimized, the company launched this initiative to address inter-sectoral inequality and encourage sustainable agricultural practices. The program aims to reduce dependence on the mining sector for local employment by enhancing the productivity and sustainability of local agriculture. Implemented in Berau and Inaran Village, East Kalimantan, the program focuses on developing organic fertilizers and pesticides, training farmers in agricultural innovations, and supporting horticultural cultivation.

Impact: In 2023, the Sustainable Agriculture Program supported 50 farmers with organic products and trained 44 farmers in Umaq Dian Village. These interventions not only improve farmers' livelihoods but also contribute to environmental preservation by promoting sustainable farming techniques.