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Komitmen Kami untuk Melindungi Karyawan dan Lingkungan dalam Operasi Pertambangan

As a mining solution provider, safety is our top priority. We are dedicated to protecting the health and safety of our workers and the environment while reducing the risk of accidents and illnesses. Our Safety, Health, and Environment (SHE) policy, which includes Occupational Health Management and Mining Safety and Environmental Protection (MSEP), underscores this commitment.

Our approach is rooted in fostering a strong safety culture, adhering to comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) management practices, and complying with international standards like ISO 14001 and ISO 45001. We strive to prevent occupational diseases and incidents, create safe and productive mining operations, and ensure compliance with laws and regulations. By continuously improving our safety and environmental protection management systems, we aim to decrease incident rates and enhance overall safety performance.

B'Safe App

The B'Safe App has become essential to our safety strategy, promoting a culture of continuous vigilance and improvement. It is a key tool for reporting near-miss incidents and identifying critical risks. Implemented across all operational sites, this app allows employees to report hazards in real-time, ensuring prompt and effective responses.

Since its introduction, the B'Safe App has significantly enhanced our ability to prevent incidents. By enabling timely hazard reporting and follow-up, it has helped reduce workplace incidents. The effectiveness of the B'Safe App is evident in the increased number of reported and mitigated hazards, contributing to a safer working environment for all employees.

In-Car Camera (ICC)

Delta Dunia Group is enhancing safety through the innovative In-Car Camera (ICC) system with AI integration, launched in 2023 at Site ADT. This advanced system monitors operators for signs of fatigue, distraction, or drowsiness, alerting dispatchers in real time to intervene and provide necessary coaching. This proactive approach prevents potential accidents and keeps operators alert and safe during their shifts.

The ICC system has significantly improved safety outcomes, reducing incidents related to operator fatigue and distraction. This initiative has benefited hundreds of operators, enhancing both their safety and operational efficiency.

i-Check Application

Our innovative i-Check Application, developed by BTech, empowers front-line foremen and supervisors to report, follow up, and monitor risk mitigation efforts directly at the workplace. Used across all operational sites, this app streamlines hazard reporting and tracking, ensuring safety issues are promptly addressed.

Since its implementation, the i-Check Application has significantly reduced workplace incidents by efficiently resolving hundreds of safety issues.

Equipment Driving Monitoring System

Currently on trial at Site ADT, Equipment Driving Monitoring System (EDMS) analyzes real-time data from heavy equipment, including engine and brake temperatures and driving speed. By monitoring these indicators, EDMS identifies unsafe driving behaviors and provides immediate feedback to operators for prompt corrective action, enhancing operational safety and reducing accident risks.

Since its launch, EDMS has monitored thousands of equipment hours, leading to a noticeable decline in incidents related to equipment misuse and operator error. The insights from EDMS not only improve individual performance but also foster a broader culture of safety within Delta Dunia's operations.

HomeSafe Program

Introduced in 2022, this initiative ensures employees return home safely every day by fostering a culture of safety awareness and responsibility. The HomeSafe Program includes regular safety briefings, strict adherence to protocols, continuous training sessions, and emergency preparedness drills. It emphasizes both individual accountability and team-based safety practices, encouraging vigilance in identifying and addressing potential hazards.

Since its inception, the HomeSafe Program has significantly enhanced the company's safety culture, resulting in a notable reduction in workplace incidents and injuries. In its first year, incident rates decreased by 15%.